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Legko interior studio
rebranding campaign
Legko interior studio
rebranding campaign

Designers, developers and builders have come together as a team for people to enjoy creating their home. We go with the client the path from competent zoning to "you need good champagne for a housewarming party" - and this is a thrill. We want you to spend time on your loved ones, traveling, walking or a quiet evening with a book. And we will take over the drawings and construction.

To develop a logo and corporate identity that reveals the business profile

The company is known for its laconic creative approach. Through a set of visual elements, we reflected the emotional vibes of the project.

The main idea of the identity is no razzle-dazzle but total lightness and preciseness instead. We developed a geometric and minimalistic logo. Based on the logo design, we developed the corporate identity.

The logo is based on a drawing grid, which directly references architecture.

The essence of the logo is a monogram embedded into an architectural layout.
Brand guidelines
Brand Identity
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Landing Page
The task was to redesign a current landing page and make it more pleasant, fresh and eye-catching.
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