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TopFund is an innovative Stellar cryptoproject based on quantum technology with a rapidly growing community, inviting to help police departments to connect with investors and get feathured financially.

The task was to create a visual identity that represents a project and its features in a proper view with a digital, simple yet bright and crypto related feeling. The identity contains logo, a brand guides, social media design, web and merch concepts.

Inspired by the night police chases we made the visualization dynamic, harmonious and trending. The thing we love the most is working on such a big project with cryptocurrency startups
Logo Design
The goal of the logo was to unite the modern world of cryptocurrencies and the dynamics of the police squad.
Brand Guides
In choosing the color scheme, we were inspired by dynamic scenes of chases with police cars in the stream of the city at night. That colors were combined with hazy gradients and a simple geometric font.
As a result, we got the perfect combination of graphics that reflects the values of the company.
Brand Identity
Continuing the foundations laid down in the guides, we get stylish elements of identity
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Social Media Design
Social media posts continue the idea of brand identity. They are strong, interesting, made with the help of simple yet dramatic graphic methods.
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